Software for your Mac

Nordcode makes 100% hand crafted native Software for your Mac. Made in Hamburg and available through the Mac App Store. Here is a list of all products:


Checksum Folders Icon

Checksum Folders

Checksum Folders for your Mac calculates and compares the checksums of all files in a folder and it’s subfolders. You can export the results as a text or CSV file.



Checksum Utility Icon

Checksum Utility

Checksum Utility calculates and compares single checksums (also known as hash values) on your Mac.



Mines Microgame Icon

Mines Microgame

Mines Microgame is a full featured Minesweeper Game for the Mac. Uncover all empty squares but avoid the mines!



Web Analytics Icon

Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a log analyzer for your web access logs. Including FTP support, filters, a deep table view and reports.